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Pet and Poultry Care



Premium Dog Food 

Paradise Nutrients Premium Grain Free Dog Food meets or exceeds AAFCO standards and provides a healthy choice for all breeds, large and small.  Using only Australian raw ingredients PN Premium Grain-Free offers dog food that will keep your dog in peak condition.  Made from real Australian beef and Enriched with probiotics, Minerals, Vitamins, and Amino Acids from a banquet of meat, vegetables, herbs, and fruits.  Our Premium Grain-free Dog Food is made in an Australian owned facility from Australian ingredients. 

Premium  Dog food 1.5kg   Code PN291   Retail  $ 21.50   Member Price $ 18.00  Points 4

                                              Premium  Dog food 4kg      Code PN292   Retail  $ 41.50   Member Price $ 35.00  Points 8  






Pet Treats  

PN Pet Treats are an all-natural treat infused with Paradise Nutrients special mineral blend.  A treat for your dog or cat with the added benefits of 74+ plant and sea minerals.  In nature, before our pets were domesticated they had access to minerals from many sources.  Now with processed foods, our pets may lack many of the minerals they need to maintain their general wellbeing.  Minerals in animals are needed to help your pet mature, maintain energy and help prevent health problems.  Your pet's mineral requirement will vary depending on their weight, age, breed and available food intake.  If rewarding your pet with a treat why not reward them with a healthy treat.

Beef Pet Treats 10 pack   Code PN230   Retail  $ 13.50   Member Price $ 11.50  Points 3

  Beef Pet Treats 30 pack   Code PN231   Retail  $ 36.50   Member Price $ 30.00  Points 9  


Premium Pet Minerals 

PN Premium Pet Minerals contain a broad spectrum of nutrients designed to give your pet a boost of nutrition.  Many pet foods and the food that we feed our pets lack essential nutrients that our pets need every day to assist growth, prevent disease and build a healthy immune system.  Maintaining a healthy pet can be expensive and in many cases, people with pets have little choice but to opt for cheaper food to help balance the budget.  Premium Pet Minerals contains over 90 essential nutrients needed to maintain a balanced diet for a pet's general wellbeing.  Adding little pet minerals to your pet food guarantees a broad spectrum of nutrients to keep your pets healthy. 

                                        Premium Pet Minerals 300g   Code PN210   Retail  $ 32.00   Member Price $ 27.20  Points 8   




My M.A.T.E Pet Shampoo with Coconut and Rosemary  

NOT SUITABLE FOR CATS.  Paradise Nutrients My M.A.T.E Pet Shampoo with Rosemary and Coconut is a beautiful non toxic shampoo that gives a pleasant experience for both pet and owner.  It is a refreshing natural experience leaving your pets coat clean and fresh.  Benefits: Relieve Itchy Skin, Relieve Bad Bacteria, Relieve Fungal Problems, Flea and Mite Repellent, pH 6.5 Perfect for Pets, Soft Creamy Lather, Eco Sustainable, Biodegradable, Septic Safe and Cleans and Relieves.  Tea Tree leaf extract, Coconut oil, Plant derived and Sea Minerals, Non toxic surfactants, Rosemary oil, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang.

My M.A.T.E Pet Shampoo 250ml    Code PN281   Retail  $ 13.90   Member Price $ 11.82  Points 4  
 My M.A.T.E Pet Shampoo 500ml    Code PN283   Retail  $ 23.40   Member Price $ 19.89  Points 5   
                    My M.A.T.E Pet Shampoo 5L  Code PN282   Retail  $ 194.00   Member Price $ 164.90  Points  30 




My M.A.T.E Pet Protect Spray

NOT SUITABLE FOR CATS. This product has been uniquely formulated from some of nature's best non toxic ingredients.  The combination of ingredients has an exotic, delicate and soothing fragrance.  Pet Protect Spray not only makes grooming easy, it also refreshes your pet and efficiently masks, deodorizes and neutralizes pet odours while nourishing and brightening the coat at the same time.  Benefits: Shiny Coat, Easy Grooming, Deodorising, Natural Insect Repellent, No Harsh Chemicals and Leaves Your Pet Smelling Fresh.  Australian Tea Tree Leaf Extracts, Coconut Oil, Australian Eucalyptus Oil, Extract, Australian Citronella Oil, Australian Rosalina Oil, Australian Lemon Myrtle Oil, Peppermint Oil and Aloe Vera Extract.

My M.A.T.E Pet Protect Spray 500ml  Code PN289   Retail  $ 25.90   Member Price $ 22.02  Points  5

My M.A.T.E Pet Protect Spray 5lt  Code PN290  Retail  $142.00  Member Price  $120.07  Points  18




Pet Odour Rid Concentrate  

Paradise Nutrients Odour Rid is an Ultra Concentrate Odour Absorber, Odour Neutralizer, Air freshener, & Neutraliser.  This unique concentrated formula is designed to get to the source that causes the odour and kill the bacteria, there for neutralizes and eliminates the source.  Pet Odour Rid will eliminate extreme pet odours such as body odours, urine odours, smelly beds, kennels, dung odours, waste from pet foods and more.  Pet Odour Rid is ideal for use in all areas where there are odour problems from pets.  After Pet Odour Rid has done its job it will leave the area treated with an exotic rainforest smell.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

 Pet Odour Concentrate 250ml    Code PN284   Retail  $ 28.00   Member Price $ 23.80  Points 5 

                Pet Odour Pre Mixed 125ml    Code PN286   Retail  $ 9.50   Member Price $ 8.00  Points 1              






Poultry Immune Support 

Paradise Nutrients approach to disease in poultry is to keep your birds immune system supported with nutrients and supplements, assisting your chickens when the need arises.  Paradise Nutrients Poultry Immune Support has been designed to be a simple application.  By adding a few drops into your chickens water giving your chickens a natural extract Immune Support.  The concept is to assist the immune system so it can recognise and kill off pathogens at an early stage, letting the bird build up a stealthy immune system.

Paradise Nutrients Poultry Immune Support is made from a combination of proven immune bosting nutrients and Melaleuca Alternifolia tree extracts.  The extracts are filled with natural anti-pathogen compounds and antioxidants.  Studies have shown the natural antipathogenic compounds have the ability to interfere with pathogens protective coating and this allows the immune system to quickly identify the pathogen and attack it early.  The ingredients in the Immune Support have also shown to be effective in destroying many pathogens that may be in the birds water without any adverse effects on the birds health.


Poultry Immune  250ml  Code PN250   Retail  $ 37.99   Member Price $ 32.30  Points 10

Poultry Immune  500ml  Code PN251   Retail  $ 70.60   Member Price $ 60.01  Points 14  

Poultry Immune  1lt  Code PN252   Retail  $ 90.00   Member Price $ 76.05  Points 23

  Poultry Immune  5lt  Code PN253   Retail  $ 299.50   Member Price $ 254.57  Points 76 




Poultry Minerals 

In the natural world birds get to feed on many different types of food such as grass seeds, grains, insects and worms.  Today many of our poultry are cooped up in small pens and consume a restricted diet.  They run in the same pen for months and even years with little ability to access natural minerals.  PN Poultry Minerals are a broad spectrum mineral formula that has been derived from a selection of: sea minerals, kelp, minerals from pristine deposits of age old healing plants and herbs, dolomite, bentonite, diatomite, MSM sulphur, colloidal calcium silica, coral calcium and sea salt.  The ingredients in this unique product contain naturally occurring 74 + minerals, 14 amino acids and 10 vitamins.  Strengthen the immune system, resistance to disease, increase egg production, increase egg shell quality, increase growth, increase bone strength and skeletal integrity, minimise chick mortality, faster recovery from disease.

Poulty Minerals   Code PN256   Retail  $ 40.00   Member Price $ 34.00  Points 10 


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